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CenturyStone Concrete ProductsFor centuries, man has relied on the strength and durability of concrete to construct roadways, bridges and foundations for long standing structures.

Though alternatives exist, concrete construction is still considered the product of choice for artisans and engineers alike.

In addition to its unmatched durability, many concrete structures are renowned for its striking beauty. When constructed with skill and craftsmanship a concrete edifice can stand for centuries as a monument to its creators.



CenturyStone Concrete Products Backyard Swimming Pool and Patio Deck CoatingsModern technology continues to improve the strength of concrete. CenturyStone Concrete Products combines "New Century" science with decorative natural stone that intensifies its beauty and provides infinite variety, befitting a centuries-old tradition.

Concrete Coatings



CenturyStone Concrete Productions Commercial Garage Floor Coatings

Century Stone Concrete Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eaton Company Visions, Inc.

Eaton Company Visions is a general engineering contractor of 25 years and an innovator and leader of concrete restoration and decorative coating applications.

Clientele include the Army Corp of Engineers, various public works agencies and numerous industrial facilities, such as Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.

From bridges to backyard patios, Eaton Company Visions' portfolio contains an array of applications in both commercial and residential uses.


CenturyStone Concrete Products Swimming Pool Deck Coating, Front Entry Patio Coating and Indoor Floor Coatings


A technology used to create "cool" concrete surfaces has been used for nearly 30 years in sun-belt regions over pool decks and patios. However, Decorative Concrete Coatings, as an industry, has grown at a rapid pace in just the last ten years.

Advancements in polymer-acrylic science now make it possible to create long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free concrete coatings with limitless variety in texture and design.

CenturyStone Concrete Products, on the back of decades of experience, was created as a legacy to the quality and commitment attributed to Eaton Company Visions.

A Revolution in design.
An Evolution in style.


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